Buying and selling vintage Bronco parts is a hobby and a passion of mine. Because I live in a regular neighborhood, many of my parts are stored elsewhere. I do not operate a storefront and sometimes need a little time to take pictures of the items you are interested in. I am very accommodating and will go trough great lengths to answer all your questions to the best of my ability and to get as many pictures to you in a timely manner. I do not post my home address on this website but will share it with you once we agree on a time and day to meet. I hope you understand.  When texting or emailing, please state your name and what city you are hailing from. I receive many messaged each day and this will prevent confusion.

Call Or Text me at (805) 312-5906

(Please state your name and city your calling from to prevent confusion)


You can also email me at


I am located in California, in the city of Camarillo, CA 93012