If you are looking for a fresh, newly refurbished, Bronco  tub or want me to refurbish your tub, please check out this page below. 

Background: I am a licensed airframe and power plant, (A&P) aircraft mechanic and I used to make a living refurbishing aircraft. My background in aviation led me to start refurbishing vintage Bronco tubs. Unfortunately, it takes about 3 to 4 months for me to complete each tub. This type of work is very labor intensive and secondarily, I do this work in my spare time, usually after I come home from work. Yes, some of the work I do, I have to outsource until I have the proper industrial shop space and I'm at the mercy of their production schedule. The good news is that I can devote a greater amount of time to the attention to detail each project deserves and to ensure the work is done right. I believe the end results speak for themselves and are well worth the wait.

Bronco Tub After Media Blasting

Before & After

Do You Want Me To Refurbish Your Bronco Tub?

After an overwhelming amount of requests, I have decided to refurbish customer tubs. Whether you just need floor boards replaced or your entire tub refurbished, I can do it. 

Click on the YouTube Link to See a 360 Degree Walk-Around Video of a Typical Refurbished Tub We Sell

Bronco Tub Corroded Sheet Metal Removed

Click on the YouTube Link to See a 360 Degree Walk-Around Video of a Typical Refurbished Tub We Sell

Finished Bronco Tub With Line-X Sprayed Inside Tub

Finished Tub After Primer Coating

Bronco Tub After Replacing Corroded Sheet Metal

Shipping And Delivery Of The Bronco Tub:

Once the tub is refurbished, the entire unit can be placed on a specially made wooden pallet for freight shipment. The wooden pallet will allow for easy loading and unloading by forklift during transit. I prefer for the customer to make their own shipping arrangements, but should you prefer for me to contract with a freight carrier, I would be happy to do so on your behalf.

Also, if you live within 400 miles of Los Angeles, CA, I offer to deliver the tub for a fee. In this case, the tub will be installed onto a converted bronco frame especially built for delivery, then loaded onto my trailer.

You can also elect  to pick up the tub yourself and save some additional money. I would still be happy to assist you with loading.

Steps I Take To Refurbish Each Bronco Tub:

I completely strip each tub

I then steam-clean the tub from top to bottom, inside out

Then, I remove any remaining undercoating and any grease from the under carriage. This is very time consuming since the sand blasting equipment will not remove any rubberized compound. I use hand scrapers and lots and lots of elbow grease.

All aftermarket holes, that the previous owners had drilled in the body are then welded shut and ground down for an original look.

I then repair all dents and imperfections in the tub or replace the sheetmetal all together if it is too severly damaged.

Then, I cut out and replace any rust areas with fresh sheet metal, using OEM style stock panels. I do not like to use Bondo and will not use it to hide any holes or dents. Usually I purchase the sheetmetal in pre-fabricated sections from Toms Bronco Parts. These panels look OEM and fit very well and besides, Toms Bronco Parts is very easy to work with.

Then, I completely media blast the entire tub from top to bottom, inside and out all the way down to bare metal. This will expose any hidden flaws I may have missed previously and allows me to have a good prepped surface for the primer to adhere.

After that, I seal all seams inside and out using an OEM style factory seam sealer were needed.

I then primer coat the tub from top to bottom, inside and out. The underbody is also primer coated. I really try to get inside every nook on these tubs especially underneath in the rear wheel wells which are very difficult to paint due to size restrictions.

The last step I do is to spray Line-X truck liner into the interior floor for sound dampening purposes. Also, the sheetmetal on the bottom of the tub will be line-X'ed as well to prevent future corrosion. Even if you plan to install carpet in your rig, the bed liner aids as  heat shielding and sound proofing some of the road noise these vintage Broncos are notorious for. Also, should you ever spill anything inside the truck, the bedliner also protects the metal from moisture and corrosion.

At this point the tub is ready for your paint shop to apply paint. No other body work will be required.