​We have been restoring speedometers for the past 3 years and not only are selling  them via online auctions but also make them available to the our local Bronco customers. We are  now offering to ship them throughout the US for a flat fee of $15. 

These units were completely taken apart and each part was inspected. Any parts that do not meet our standards, will be discarded and replaced. Then, the units were media blasted, inside and out and any evidence of corrosion and years of dirt was removed. 

All gauges have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected using Ohm standards and not just the old "battery method". We use a Kent-Moore instrument panel test kit to determine if the gauges are within Ohm tolerance. This takes much longer but this assures that you won't buy a dud.

All metal parts were then primer coated and painted, again, inside and out using a specially formulated stainless steel paint that contains 316L stainless steel pigments to provide maximum corrosion resistance and protection against weather, sunlight, oil, and water. 

This paint displays a superior UV resistance than your common "rattle can" type that other people like to use on their rebuilds. 

For an original look we polish the inner aluminum face in lieu of painting it. We then discard the original cardboard light tubes because they present a fire hazard and replace them with plastic tubes. For the same reason we replace the cardboard gauge insulators with plastic units. 

The speedometer head and gauges then receive brand new face decals. We also install new translucent turn and high-beam lenses. Also, to prevent shifting while off-roading, the turn signal lenses, high beam lens, light tubes, and glass are all affixed using high grade silicone. 

The solid state voltage regulator is also replaced with a brand new unit to ensure your gauges will function properly and are protected from voltage spikes.

All running gear was lubricated using special lube oil containing PTFE Teflon which does not attract dust or dirt and is designed for delicate instruments such as the speedometer linkage and gears.

For your convenience, we have reset the odometer to zero since most people who buy a new speedometer are likely rebuilding their rig and it allows for a fresh new start. If you require your odometer to read differently, we are happy to set it to any numeric setting you desire.
All 5 of the gauge needles were repainted using a more contemporary orange color, which was more prevalent in the late 1960's and throughout the 1970's. The orange paint we use has a superior UV protection agent and will last for many years even in direct sunlight.
We  always replace the glass and the dust seal with a brand new piece. We also install four new steel spring clips to ensure the speedometer will stay fastened during your endeavors. 

The units are always bench tested  3 times before they leave the shop, then carefully placed in a foam wrapped shipping box to guarantee a safe arrival to their new home 

The speedometers are priced at $325 per unit. Additional customizing and many color options are available upon request. 

Our typical turn around time is between 5 to 10 business days after payment for the speedometer is received. 

For additional  questions regarding speedometer work, please call or text Patrick at

(805) 603-1137 or email him at:   FordBroncoRepair@gmail.com